Sacrebleu! Paris Is Facing a Baguette Shortage Because French Bakers Are on Holiday

Boulangers are allowed to take long summer vacations for the first time since 1790
Paris Faces Baguette Shortage

French bakers are going on long holidays for the first time since 1790.

Parisians are facing a baguette shortage because the bakers are on vacation.

French officials passed a law last winter allowing bakers to take a break for as long as the whole summer, according to The Local. This law was passed to give French businesses a break.

In 1790, French authorities passed a law stating that all bakers had to report when exactly they were planning to go on vacation so that people would know where they could buy bread. Closed bakeries were required to post on a sign on their door noting which other nearby bakeries were open.

August is a popular time for the French to go away for vacation, and parts of the city are completely quiet because restaurants and shops are closed.

“I went out to get a baguette a few days ago and the two closest boulangeries to me were both closed for the first time ever," Lynn Segal, one of The Local’s readers, said. “Then the next day a woman on the street stopped me asking where the closest (open) one was. Only the ‘bad’ ones stayed open.”

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