Da Hong Pao

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Rare Chinese Tea Will Set You Back $10,000 Per Pot

Dark oolong tea has a sweet aroma and a smoky, mellow flavor that lingers

For tea-lovers looking for the ultimate indulgence, a pot of the extremely rare and original Da Hong Pao (Imperial Red Robe) tea will cost you about $10,000 per pot, or around $1,400 per gram.

The tea, which can only be found in Wuyishan, China, is a heavily oxidized, dark oolong tea “known for its sweet aroma and a smoky, mellow flavor that leaves an enduring aftertaste minutes after consumed,” according to NextShark.

There are cheaper alternatives on the market that cost around $100 per kilogram, made from “genetically identical plants grown out of cuttings from the original trees,” however the most expensive variety comes straight from a group of ancient and almost extinct “mother trees.” The last tea leaves from these trees were harvested in 2005, and the trees are not expected to yield any more leaves.

Local tea master Xiangning Wu tells BBC, “The original Da Hong Pao is so expensive because there are hardly any of the original tea trees left, and antique versions are very valuable, almost priceless.”

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