Prosecutors Seek To Arrest Korean Air Executive Responsible For 'Nut Rage'

South Korean prosecutors seek to arrest the former Korean Air Lines Co. executive who forced a plane to turn around over a bag of macadamia nuts, reports The Associated Press.

On December 5, Cho forced a South Korea-bound flight to return to a gate, and kicked the head flight attendant off the plane because she had been served macadamia nuts in a bag instead of a bowl.

The former executive, Cho Hyun-ah —daughter of Korean Air CEO and chairman Cho Yang-ho — was removed from all roles at the airline, including her position as vice president. Her father also offered an apology on live television and asked to take the blame for having failed to raise his daughter properly.

Now, the once-prominent executive faces charges including inflight violence and changing a flight route, according to The Associated Press. The airline's current executive, a man whose surname has been identified as Yeo, also reportedly faces charges of "pressuring airline employees to cover up the incident." The transport ministry also announced that it will sanction the airline for pressuring its employees to lie during an official government probe.