Pope Francis Threw a Giant Pizza Party for 1,500 Homeless People

After the canonization of Mother Teresa, Pope Francis celebrated by handing out Neapolitan pizza to 1,500 homeless Italians
The Pope gives us yet another reason to smile.

Wikimedia Commons

The Pope gives us yet another reason to smile.

Last week, Mother Teresa, known during her life as a pillar of Catholic charity, was canonized by the church. Pope Francis celebrated in a style that the now Saint Teresa would certainly approve of: by giving out food to the less fortunate. On Sunday, Pope Francis gave out pizza to 1,500 homeless people made from three authentic Neapolitan pizza ovens. He also reserved the seats closest to the canonization ceremony for his guests.

Pizza-maker Vincenzo Staiano, 20 pizza-makers, and 250 nuns from the sisterhood started by Saint Teresa volunteered to help give out the pies to the Pope’s guests, according to Vatican Today.

“They traveled all night by bus to participate first in the canonization and then in the lunch,” Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, the Pope’s almoner, told Breitbart.

This is not the only gesture Pope Francis has made toward the homeless. Last month, the Pope guided a different group of homeless people to the beach outside Rome and took them out to dinner. 


“We are certainly not saving the world with these initiatives, we are not solving the problems of the homeless in Rome,” Krajewski told Vatican Insider at the time, “but at least we are giving them back a little dignity.”