Pizza Hut Offered Tater Tot-Crust Pizza and Things May Never Be the Same

Pizza Hut is now offering a Hash Bites Crust Pizza at its New Zealand restaurants

Tater Tots Pizza: the carb-loading, late-night decision of doom. 

Pizza Hut has an adamant affinity for putting strange ingredients in and on its crusts.Remember hot dog crust, cheeseburger-stuffed crust, and the marmite crust available only for lucky New Zealanders? Well, the New Zealand Pizza Hut has yet another wacky carb invention: tater tot crust pizza.

 The Hash Bites Crust pizza was offered as a limited-time promotion at New Zealand locations for the past couple of months, but the offer (unfortunately) just ended, at least according to Brand Eating. But according to Pizza Hut’s website, the Hash Bites are still available as a Meal Deal.

The specialty pizza was not topped with tater tots, but rather it seemed that the crust was embedded with the iconic breakfast potato hash before being cooked.

In case you’re living in New Zealand and are worried about a possible missed opportunity, according to Brand Eating, the Cheeseburger Bites pizza just came back, so perhaps the tater tot pizza will make a comeback as well.


Another invention coming to Pizza Hut in the good ol’ US of A is stuffed garlic knots crust pizza: same concept, but with more cheese and less fried potatoes.