Pizza Hut Forced to Apologize After Mocking Hunger Strike in Palestine

Palestinians called for a boycott of Pizza Hut after the chain published an insensitive ad about a prison hunger strike

A Pizza Hut spokesperson called the advertisement “completely inappropriate.”

Pizza Hut is facing international backlash for seemingly mocking a hunger strike by 1,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

Amidst a hunger strike that has escalated tensions in the region, Pizza Hut Israel ran an advertisement on its Facebook page that superimposed the text "Barghouti, if you're going to break a strike, why not pizza?" over an image that supposedly shows hunger strike leader Marwan Barghouti breaking his fast by eating a chocolate bar. The pizza chain also Photoshopped a pizza box on the floor of the prison.

Naturally, the politically relevant advertisement was deemed to be in poor taste by Palestinians and the international community alike:

Pizza Hut apologized in a note on its Israeli social media pages:

“Pizza Hut International apologizes for any offence caused by a recent post on Pizza Hut Israel’s Facebook page,” the apology message said. “It was completely inappropriate and does not reflect the values of our brand. The local franchise in the country removed it immediately and the relationship with the agency that posted it was terminated, and we truly regret any hurt this may have caused.”


The Israeli Pizza Hut Facebook page appears to have been deleted.