'People Are Going To Freak About This' New Nutella Dessert Bar Opens In Australia

When the Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery in Sydney, Australia put a Nutella-stuffed doughnut hole on top of a chocolate hazelnut milkshake, they had no idea that it would become a phenomenon. According to Australian news website, News.com.Au, the aptly named Tella Ball milkshake created a social media frenzy, with people traveling from all over just to try the sweet treat.Well, now there's even better news: The team behind the Tella Ball milkshake is opening up a Nutella dessert bar in Sydney suburb Dulwich Hill. Tella Balls will open this November.

"People are going to freak about this dessert bar," co-owner Aki Daikos told News.com.Au. "There will be plenty of Nutella and every Nutella product you can think of. There will be coffee machines down one side, next to a wall of sweets like Nutella cruffins, Nutella cheesecakes, and every creation you could think of."

Tella Balls will also have a gelato bar featuring several flavors, as well as items like Nutella pancakes, waffles, and dessert pizza.

But will they be able to stay open? It doesn't look like Tella Balls is an official Ferrero project, and we already know that the Nutella mother company doesn't take too kindly to knockoffs. Remember the all-Nutella restaurant that opened and was quickly shuttered last year in Brooklyn following a lawsuit? Good luck, Tella Balls. May the force of chocolate be with you.