Party-Sized McFlurries Appear at McDonald’s in France

The McFlurry Party serves four… or one if you’re really craving ice cream

We never knew we needed this in our life until now.

The McFlurry has always been one of the most popular McDonald’s innovations, but France has improved the fast-food soft serve by serving it in a giant party tub meant to be shared among two to four people.

The party bucket has also been spotted in select McDonald’s in Spain, but there’s no word yet on whether the McFlurry Party will make its way to the United States. However, this kind of dessert may be more suited for France’s customers who are more likely to dine in. In America, 70 percent of sales at McDonald’s come from the drive-thru window, which would not be conducive for a giant party tub of quick-melting ice cream, Brand Eating reported.

The McFlurry Party also comes with cups, so it can be portioned out to share.


If you find yourself in Europe and decide to indulge in the challenge, be forewarned: McFlurries in France come in much better flavors than here in America, like Kit Kat and Speculoos (yes, the cookie butter brand).