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Paris Restaurant Reopens Four Months After Deadly Terror Attacks

Le Petit Cambodge was full within an hour of reopening its doors

Le Petit Cambodge, one of the restaurants struck in the deadly Paris terror attacks, has reopened its doors four months after the deadly terror siege.

Restaurant owner Kirita Gallois said her thoughts were with the victims’ families and that the restaurant’s reopening signified life beginning again, reports France 24.

Gallois said, “We couldn’t wait to reopen and I am proud to say that all 17 members of staff who worked here before the attacks are back here tonight.”

Rémi, a local who did not disclose his last name, attended the reopening “out of solidarity.” He says, “All of Paris was traumatized by the attacks, but particularly this part of town. It is important to see the Petit Cambodge reopen, it shows that life is stronger than terror.”

The restaurant’s floor to ceiling windows — shattered by bullets in the November 13 attack — have been replaced, and the entire restaurant has been refurbished, reports The New York Times. It has been made to look as it did before, with the addition of a small mosaic on the back wall in memory of the victims.

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