Now You Can Get a Secret, Private Dining Experience at Disneyland for $50,000

21 Royal is all the glitz, glamor, and gastronomic pleasure money can buy, located in a secret apartment above New Orleans Squar

When you wish upon a star, maybe you'll get to dine here after all.

Do you think the “Most Magical Place on Earth” is a little bit overpriced? Disneyland’s standard rates are nothing compared to the California theme park’s newest secret dining experience, 21 Royal, where you’ll definitely need help from your fairy godmother to afford the shocking $15,000 price tag.

21 Royal is a brand-new Disney experience that costs $15,000 for 12 people and includes dining in a private apartment — that was once the covert residence of Walt Disney himself — overlooking New Orleans Square. When you arrive at the private address, you will be guided by a butler up the ornate golden staircase into the 21 Royal suite. From there you’ll get star treatment: a seven-course meal with wine and cocktails, a small history lesson of the famous Disney residence, and, of course, a view of the fireworks behind Sleeping Beauty’s Castle from a private balcony, according to Robb Report.


The meal, prepared by executive chef Andrew Sutton and chef de cuisine Justin Monson, is presented as what they call “epicurean theater” and is designed to imitate the kind of dinner party Walt and Lilian Disney would have held. Each menu is tailored to the individual party’s tastes.