Now You Can Buy Giant, Party-Sized Avocados for All Your Guaca-“more” Needs

UK grocery chain Marks & Spencer is selling giant avocados — about five times the size of a regular avocado — for a limited time

Turn your guacamole into guaca-more!

We’re fans of buying food in bulk from Costco and the like, but one grocery store chain took this shopping concept one giant step further with new party-sized avocados, about five times the size of normal avocados.U.K. grocery chain Marks & Spencer is offering these avocados — just a little bit larger than the size of your standard mango — for a limited time.

The new fruit is called The Carla, and it’s grown in the Dominican Republic. Perhaps it is because of its exotic locale, but The Carla will only stick around until April 25.

The possibilities for a giant avocado are endless, but mostly we’re fantasizing about gargantuan-sized portions of guacamole.  


And according to Metro UK, it still tastes the same as your run-of-the-mill avocado: “Taste and texture-wise, the Carla is pretty much the same as a regular avocado. It is different in color though – outside, it’s a lighter green, and inside, it colors more easily.”