North Korean Border Guards Suffer Diarrhea Outbreak From Kim Jong-Un's New Diet

Kim Jong-Un's new "special diet" doesn't include dog meat as a superfood this time — instead, the North Korean leader ordered a food supply that has caused border guards to suffer from diarrhea.

The soldiers are describing the diarrhea as a "gift from Kim Jong-Un," according to a source in Yanggang Province.

Complaints of dietary deficiencies arose after government officials visited the soldiers guarding areas that had been hit by severe flooding in late August. Kim has yet to visit these suffering areas.

In response, Kim orders the forces to provide better quality food for these soldiers; however, some of the supply was tainted, according to UPI.

The new food supply was found to be contaminated with "iron powder," "threads," sand in the soup stock, and a strange smell coming from the Japanese sandfish, which is suspected to be the culprit behind the outbreak, International Business Times reported.