The Newest Trend in China is Apparently Clipping Plastic Fruit to Your Hair

The popular Asian e-commerce website Taobao has been selling out of quirky plastic food clips

What a lovely....porkchop hair accessory. 

Remember those plastic foods you used to play with as a kid?They were probably Fisher-Price and came with the toy kitchen or shopping cart. Well, one of the latest trends in China  is to clip those plastic foods to your hair. No joke: people are buying giant plastic shrimps and using them as quirky crustacean headbands.

Forget twirling your fork around spaghetti: twirl your hair around a plastic plate of pasta instead!

According to the Chinese retail site Taobao, although the clips are strange and quirky, they’ve already sold more than a million. 

These are all things you can put in your hair! What kind of statement are you making by wearing a broccoli barrette, or a dumpling hairpiece? The world needs to know.


You know that if this trend takes off in America, we’ll see a ton of girls (and men with ponytails) wearing avocados and pumpkin spice lattes in their hair.