A Michelin-Star Chef Is Making A Burger At A Shake Shack In London For 1 Day Only

British chef Sat Bains is serving something special at the Shake Shack in London's Covent Garden on October 9.

The Michelin-star chef at Restaurant Sat Bains is making a burger called Major Oak, which he developed in collaboration with Shake Shack's culinary director Mark Rosati in New York City.

The burger will be made with a Shake Shack Aberdeen Angus beef patty with shallots, Beauvale cheese from Cropwell Bishop Creamery in Nottingham, and a ketchup infused with wild Penny Bun mushrooms (mainly found in the UK), pine salt, smoked mayo, and a hint of charcoal from red oak trees.

As you would probably expect for a limited edition Shake Shack burger, the lines will probably be extremely long. When Shake Shack made frozen custards with Dominique Ansel cronuts at Madison Square Park, the line was crazy. The Brooklyn-exclusive ChickenShack sold out in two days and did not return until about a week later.

There will only be 500 burgers available at Covent Garden, so as always, you'll probably want to line up early if you want to get your hands on a Major Oak.