McDonald’s Unveils New Fancy, Thick-Cut Burgers in the UK

McDonald’s is testing out gourmet burgers in the UK;: they come in a variety of high-end flavors and take longer to cook

This is just the latest high-end offering from the Golden Arches.

In another attempt to revamp their image, McDonald’s has unveiled brand-new high-end burgers in select U.K. locations. They come in three varieties: classic, BBQ, and spicy, and are described as thicker and made with more premium cuts of beef than a regular McDonald’s burger.

Unlike the McDonald’s experiment in Ireland, these burgers don’t seem to be labeled artisan (a fact which should appease Anthony Bourdain), but these fancier burgers are meant to challenge local fast casual rivals. According to Money/CNN, pricing is £4.69 ($7.21 USD) for one of the signature burgers, with meals costing £6.19 ($9.51).

Here are the descriptions of each of the burgers:

The Classic: 100 percent British and Irish beef patty, two rashers of beechwood-smoked bacon, a slice of natural Cheddar cheese, whole-grain mustard mayo, ketchup, Batavia lettuce, and red onion on a Brioche-style bun.

The BBQ: 100 percent British and Irish beef patty, smoky BBQ sauce, coleslaw, red onion, Batavia lettuce, Beachwood-smoked bacon, and a slice of natural Cheddar cheese on a Brioche-style bun.

The Spicy: 100 percent British and Irish beef patty, jalapeño slices, pepper Jack cheese, Batavia lettuce, mayo, and a spicy relish on a Brioche-style bun.


“At McDonald’s we are committed to listening to our customers and evolving our menu to offer something for everyone,” food development director Duncan Cruttenden told the Christian Science Monitor. “We’ve crafted a range that is a truly exciting permanent addition to our menu–every product has to earn a place on our menu and our customers have told us the Signature Collection has done just that.”