McDonald's Singapore Introduces A Breaded Salmon Sandwich

Move over, Flilet-O-Fish, a new fish sandwich is in town. In response to consumer demand for menu newness, McDonald's Singapore has created a breaded salmon sandwich. The breaded salmon patty is topped with a "crisp salad mix" and McChicken sauce, and is sandwiched between two buns topped with oat flakes, linseeds, rye flakes, and sunflower seeds.

The patty itself is made with chunks of wild-caught salmon from Hokkaido, paella spice mix, diced Cheddar cheese, and red and yellow bell peppers.

The sandwich is available for a limited time only, while supplies last, for $5.35 USD when purchased as part of a combo meal, according to Chew Boom. A promotional video for the new sandwich can be viewed here. Regarding the menu item McDonald's says, "You said it. We made it."