McDonald's Is Selling A Big Mac Slathered In Mashed Potatoes In Japan

Calling all carb-addicts: McDonald's Japan has rolled out a mashed potato-topped burger.The as-of-yet- unnamed creation is basically a Big Mac topped with bacon and a dollop of mashed potatoes. With three buns, the added potatoes and McDonald's signature thin beef patty, this carb-loader burger is light on protein and will cost you 390 yen ($3.42 US).

If you're feeling creative and dabble in Japanese, McDonald's Japan is looking for someone to name this potato burger. The winner will get $12,500 in cash (or approximately one potato burger per day for 10 years), which is a pretty sweet deal for coming up with a name. We're thinking Big Mash, The Spudwich, or The Legend of the Pig, the Cow and the Potato.

Is the mashed potato burger worth it? According to reporters over at RocketNews24, not really: "It has an almost synergistic effect and is really quite potent, but sadly the taste of the bacon, beef patty and sauce below are somewhat lacking in punch by comparison."