McDonald’s Japan Introduces Two New Menu Items for Spring

Offerings include a Sakura Cherry McFizz and Shaka Shaka Potato Ume fries

Limited-edition items are on sale through early April.

McDonald’s Japan has introduced two Spring-inspired menu items, for a limited time. The so-called “Spring Set” features plum and cherry blossom flavors, specifically a Sakura Cherry McFizz and Shaka Shaka Potato Ume fries, reports Rocket News 24.

The seasonal menu items can be ordered as part of a medium-sized burger meal for an additional 60 yen ($0.53 USD). Alternatively, the McFizz can be purchased separately for 250 yen ($2.22 USD), and the plum-flavored seasoning packet can be purchased for 30 yen ($0.27) and added to any size fries.

An editor at Rocket News tasted both items and describes the Sakura McFizz, writing, “It was like rosewater masquerading as sakura swimming around in a tub of sugar-laden syrup. The only thing saving this was the fizz, which was there in abundance, presenting itself as tiny bubbles which hit the tongue, providing a refreshing, palette-cleansing experience.”


As for the Ume fries, “The flavor of the salty seasoning was reminiscent of an umeboshi pickled plum, only without the usual tart sourness. The fruity sweet aroma of the blossom brought a mellow sweetness to the crispy potato pieces, elevating them from ordinary fries to unforgettable, lip-smacking morsels of deliciousness.”