McDonald’s Introduces Limited-Edition Fried Nacho Cheese Wedges

McDonald’s adds fried spicy nacho cheese wedges to the menu as part of its Great Tastes of the World promotion

A great idea? Or a poor Taco Bell knockoff? 

Add some South of the Border to your McDonald’s order. The Golden Arches is celebrating the Great Tastes of the World with this ode to Mexican food: fried spicy nacho cheese wedges.The limited-edition menu item is unfortunately only available in the UK.

Each order of wedges comes with a sour cream and chive dipping sauce, and the bites themselves are covered in fried tortilla chips and stuffed with melted nacho cheese and jalapeño bits. Four cheese bites will set you back 1.69 GBP ($2.06).

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McDonald’s recently has been trying to revamp its “bad for you” image with the introduction of smoothies, kale bowls, and sustainably sourced coffee. This, along with the introduction and expansion of all-day breakfast, has helped to boost the chain’s stock. Still, the once-unstoppable company has been known to introduce bizarre, unhealthy menu items in international markets, such as Japan’s Giga-Mac piled high with four patties.