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London’s Hyped-Up Naked Pop-up Restaurant Is Coming to Paris

The much talked-about naked pop-up restaurant — The Bunyadi — is closing a month early to migrate to Paris

It looks like France will be getting nude with the food.

The naked pop-up restaurant that gained such notoriety in London is closing a month early to open in Paris. The French version of The Bunyadi — where participants dine in the buff — will close in London July 30 and pop up in Paris this September.

"It’s really positive and I’m excited to be going to Paris,” owner Seb Lyall, who is also known for his pop-up Breaking Bad-themed coffee shop and owl café, told Country & Town House. “We’ll be taking our team there and finding a venue – there are three possibilities at the moment. People came over from Paris, people in the industry, and said, 'we’d love you to open over here. Here are some options.'"

Although the menu and drinks will be different to appeal to a French aesthetic, the concept will remain the same. Diners will step behind screens to undress and are given a robe and slippers. It is then up to the customers whether to totally disrobe.

It’s an odd concept, to say the least, but this buff gimmick has apparently piqued Londoners’ interests. The waiting list right now for the London café had thousands of names on it, and Lyall expects similar buzz for the second location. But even after the Paris location closes, the concept won’t be going away.

"I don’t want to stop at a restaurant," Lyall told Business Insider. "I think, with the community we’ve built, we can go further and open a private members’ club. That’s my ambition now.”

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