Live Chickens Accidentally Dumped From Semi Truck Right Outside of a KFC

Jessica Cater, a vegan, posted an emotional video of the aftermath
White Chicken

Wikimedia Commons / Steven JohnsonCC BY 2.0

Carter’s video has gained 1,600 views in just two days.

On Tuesday, a semi truck in Australia lost its cargo in transit, however, this is no slightly amusing beer and chips spill coincidence.

The truck was hauling crates of live chickens, and it lost its load just outside of a KFC.

Jessica Carter, a vegan, filmed the aftermath of the incident in which the chickens were rounded up and returned to their crates. She posted the video on Facebook, which now has 1,600 views. In the post, Carter wrote, “I'm so sad/pissed off/sad/angry and pissed off right now. I had to leave because my 3 yo was getting distressed but I shouted at a few people afterwards who were laughing and had a good chat with a guy who kept backyard chickens and was also visibly upset.”

“A Victoria Police spokesman confirmed four crates of chickens fell off the truck,” UPI reported.


A KFC representative told the Melbourne Herald Sun that, despite the coincidence, the chickens were not meant for KFC. “KFC is supplied chicken through the three largest suppliers of chicken in Australia and those suppliers have high standards of bird welfare to ensure their chickens are healthy and comfortable. We require all our chicken suppliers to strictly follow the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals, Domestic Poultry,” the representative said.