Krispy Kreme Stores in the UK Look Like Giant Doughnut Boxes

Because what’s more inviting than a giant box of doughnuts?

Unfortunately, there are no absurdly large doughnuts to match.

Is this the future of Krispy Kreme stores?

New Krispy Kreme stores that have opened up in U.K. malls have taken to the brand’s iconic green-and-white-polka-dotted doughnut boxes for inspiration. The storefronts are made to look like giant doughnut boxes, with its freshly made doughnuts lit up and on display, front and center, details Brand Eating.

Though there aren’t any giant doughnuts to match, and the design doesn’t allow for the theater of watching the doughnuts being fried and glazed on a conveyer belt, we can imagine that seeing a giant doughnut box would be appealing to people walking by.

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