Krispy Kreme Japan's New Luxury Doughnuts Include Matcha And Cherry Blossom Flavors

Krispy Kreme is always rolling out new (and adorable) seasonal offerings, from heart-shaped Valentine's Day treats to America-themed doughnuts. Recently, Krispy Kreme Japan launched a line of "premium" doughnuts, which are made to look like high-end mini cakes for only a fraction of the price.

According to the press release, the collection includes four new doughnut flavors including the Krispy Kreme Premium Brûlée Glazed Cream, filled with whipped cream and topped with glaze; Krispy Kreme Premium Latte Bunny, with latte-flavored milk cream frosting and roasted almond flakes; Krispy Kreme Premium Matcha Adzuki, with green tea-infused whipped cream and adzuki red bean paste; and Krispy Kreme Premium Sakura, with tart cherry paste and strawberry, raspberry, and cranberry purees.

Luckily, the Krispy Kreme Premium Brûlée Glazed Cream will now be available year-round; however, the Latte Bunny and Sakura flavors will only be offered through April 11, and the Matcha flavor until May 30, Rocket News 24 reported.

The collection is currently available for 280 yen (around $2.43) each at the Krispy Kreme JR Nagoya Takashimaya store in Aichi Prefecture.