Koreans Are Setting This Giant Pizza Dome on Fire and Eating It

The Bomb is an uncooked pizza, wrapped in dough, then flambéed, and it makes for a deliciously entertaining show

“Excuse me waiter. My pizza’s on fire!”

Forget bananas foster, this is pizza ala flambé. The latest trend in Korea is what’s become known as “The Bomb:” It’s an uncooked pizza wrapped in a dome of dough that’s doused in alcohol, and then set on fire.The spectacle of blue flames reaching up to the ceiling looks pretty terrifying, but apparently the dome of dough turns into a scratch-made oven for the pizza inside to be cooked to perfection.

As the fire of the “dome” (which is usually made out of squid ink) dies down, the charred crust is cut with scissors to reveal the pizza inside, like the surprising innards of a delicious, cheesy volcano.


The Bomb is served at a restaurant called The Place in Seoul, South Korea, and has everyone talking about it online. Thankfully there are more reports of delicious pizza with bubbling cheese than eyebrows singed off.