It’s the twenty-first century version of bread and circuses.

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Kim Jong Un Holds ‘MasterChef’-Style Competition While Millions of North Koreans Starve

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un holds a nationwide competition to find the country’s best chef while starvation rates climb

As an approximated two-thirds of the secretive North Korean nation starves, their dictator — Kim Jong Un — has been criticized for holding a lavish, MasterChef-style competition to find the best chef in the entire country.

The show was broadcast on live TV, despite the fact that many of its viewers were likely on food rations, according to Fox News.

The Pyongyang media speculates that more than 1,000 prospective chefs entered the competition to serve traditional and modern North Korean dishes, as well as European-style food like pizza, spaghetti, and something called “broccoli five ways.”

Insiders suggest that the portly Kim, 33, has had health problems recently because of his overweight frame and may suffer from gout.

Amnesty International has suggested that the tyrant’s greed and the tiny food rations given out to citizens have driven many to the brink of starvation.  

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