KFC Is Opening a $16 All-You-Can-Eat Buffet in Japan

KFC Japan will charge customers between $16-$21 for 90 minutes of all-you-can-eat access to fried chicken, biscuits, and more m

All-you-can-eat KFC? America will be jealous.

Japan KFC: soon to be the land of endless finger-lickin’ goods. Japan is debuting a new all-you-can-eat-style KFC buffet, where customers will pay between $16-$21 (kids will pay less, and children under four eat for free), to spend 90 minutes scarfing down as many pieces of fried chicken, biscuits, and sides as they possibly can.The new KFC concept will be opening soon in Osaka, according to RocketNews24.

The new buffet, set to open in the former location of the United States pavilion for the 1970 World Expo, will not only serve KFC classics seen on the fast food chain’s menus worldwide, but they’ll also have new, exclusive selections like rotisserie chicken, soup, salad, and macaroni and cheese (made from a recipe inspired by Colonel Sanders himself). There will also be fruit, cake, and other sweets for dessert. The 1970 World Expo actually housed the country’s first-ever trial KFC.


KFC Japan is promising an atmosphere of “Southern hospitality” at the new buffet-style restaurant. Doors (and mouths) will open on November 11.