KFC Hong Kong Tops Fried Chicken With Mayo and Fish Flakes

Menu item is inspired by okonomiyaki, a Japanese savory pancake

Mayo, bonito flakes, and sauce are typical okonomiyaki toppings.

KFC has taken okonomiyaki, a Japanese savory pancake, and created its own spin on the dish, forgoing a flat base entirely and instead using its traditional bone-in fried chicken.

Okonomiyaki Crispy Chicken from KFC is topped with traditional okonomiyaki toppings: Mayo, bonito flakes, and okonomiyaki sauce, reports Brand Eating. The flakes are described as “paper-thin shavings” and the sauce “similar to a thickened sweet and tangy soy sauce.”


Trendhunter points out that the mashup demonstrates an increasingly popular trend by fast food chains to borrow popular ingredients from other cuisines. We’ve seen this in the Lobster-Topped Pizza at Pizza Hut China, the Sakura-inspired menu items at McDonald’s Japan, and many more.