This Japanese Restaurant Is Serving Chocolate Ramen Bowls

Mensho, a chain of ramen restaurants in Japan, is introducing ramen bowls filled with chunks of dark chocolate this February
This is further proof that chocolate belongs on everything.

Twitter c/o RocketNews24

This is further proof that chocolate belongs on everything.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, sweethearts and singles around the world are coming up with ever-creative ways to celebrate the real reason for the season: chocolate. Japan is no exception.

Mensho, a small chain of restaurants in Japan, has announced a limited-edition special chocolate ramen available starting February 1 at the Yurakucho subway station location in Tokyo.

The idea of chocolate ramen may conjure up an image of flavored noodles, but according to RocketNews24, the Japanese culture blog that got the chance to sample the noodles, that is not the case. Instead, chunks of dark chocolate are added to a regular bowl of extra-garlicky ramen. The cocoa feast leaves you with multiple consumption options. Our personal favorite is drowning the noodles in the pool of quickly-melting chocolate.

“Stirring the chocolate and giving it some time to melt into the broth gives the broth a pleasant sweetness as you first take a sip, but still leaves the aftertaste sharp and clean, with no unwanted lingering saturation of your taste buds,” the critic at RocketNews24 wrote in his review.

Bonus: Much like a bowl of Cocoa Puffs, this ramen leaves you with a chocolate soup at the end of the meal, and honestly, who would turn down chocolate soup?

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