Japan Is Getting a Peanuts-Themed Café with Snoopy- and Charlie Brown-Inspired Food

Snoopy and Charlie Brown fans can flock to this Peanuts café, opening in Tokyo this October

Snoopy-themed cookies and tableware at the Peanuts café

Tokyo is getting a Peanuts-themed café later this year, featuring Charlie Brown, Lucy, Woodstock, and everyone’s favorite beagle, Snoopy.

The classic Charles Schultz comic is almost 65 years old, and it’s very popular in Japan. The café is said to have an “American West Coast” theme with a rustic ambiance, and the walls will be covered in Peanuts comic strips.

The menu is inspired by the comic, of course. Examples of items include a goose egg sliders plate with four different types of sliders that represent the characters on the Goose Egg baseball team. There will also be a Beagle Scout s’mores skillet and old-fashioned peanut butter and chocolate chip milkshakes.

It’s no surprise that this café is opening in Japan. After all, the country already has a Super Mario Brothers-themed café and Moomin café, where you can dine with stuff animals.


The Peanuts café will officially open October 2.