The Guy Who Brought KFC to Britain Now Calls the Brand ‘Dreadful’

Raymond Allen, a friend of Colonel Sanders, opened up the first KFC franchise in the UK but says it’s gone way downhill

Somehow, we don't think the Double Down was on the Colonel's mind 50 years ago.

Hey Britons, you can thank Mr. Raymond Allen for bringing KFC, arguably one of the most American fast food brands ever, across the pond. But Allen actually regrets it, saying that the company has strayed so far from the original 11 herbs and spices since he first met with Colonel Sanders 50 years ago that it’s been “ruined,” according to The Telegraph. Allen also said that he’d “never step foot in a KFC ever again.” Ouch.

“We have got one where I now live, but I would not go in there,” said Allen, 87, who opened up the first British KFC in Lancashire, but sold it in 1973. “I don't use it and I think it is dreadful. The company has ruined the product. Instead of staying with one good thing that was sellable, they have tried to compete with the other fast food units.”


His wife, Shirley, 84, agrees, and said that after going once recently, they will never go back again. Although he’s no longer a fan, Allen still has his original copy of the secret 11 herbs and spices recipe. It’s locked away safely in a bank, so there’s no chance of the recipe leaking out. Today there are almost 800 KFC locations in the United Kingdom.