This Guy Tried To Smuggle 1,000 Pounds Of Cheese Into Russia, But Failed Spectacularly

One cheese smuggler just found himself in a dairy bad situation. A man entering Russia from Poland was caught by authorities attempting to smuggle more than 1,000 pounds of cheese over the border in the back seat and trunk of his car, according to The Guardian. We're just impressed that he was able to fit so much into a moving vehicle that was not an 18-wheeler.

Russia has very strict rules about the transportation of imports from other EU nations, and implemented a ban last August on the importation of meat and dairy from most Western countries as a result of the tensions between Russia and these countries during the Ukrainian crisis.

"The Kalingradian said he was not transporting goods for commercial purposes," a representative from the European Union said in a statement. "He knew about the rules but did not respect them, hoping that customs officers would not check his vehicle."

According to EU Business, the seizure of illegal goods by authorities since the strict sanctions were put into place has become common. However, an expansive black market of smuggled goods has emerged to meet high demand for foreign products.