Grog Save The Queen: UK Pubs Will Stay Open Later In Honor Of The Queen's Birthday

The Queen is turning 90 and the British are celebrating the best way they know how: By toasting with copious amounts of alcohol to their favorite reigning monarch.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced that Britain's pubs will stay open until 1 a.m. for two days on June 10 and 11. Queen Elizabeth II's official birthday is June 11, but her actual birthday is April 21.

Much to the confusion of their American friends across the pond who usually start going out not long before midnight, British pubs actually close at 11 p.m. Pubs that wish to extend their opening hours will have to apply for a license to do so.

The celebratory hours-extension applies only to England and Wales: Northern Ireland and Scotland's regular watering hole hours will remain the same.

On Saturday, June 11 the Queen's birthday parade will be staged in Horse Guards Parade and on June 12 the traditional patron's lunch will be held.