Golden Soft Serve Ice Cream: Luxe or Unnecessary?

An ice cream shop in Japan — Hakuichi — is selling soft serve covered entirely in gold leaf and it’s only $8 USD
We really hope this comes with caviar sprinkles.


We really hope this comes with caviar sprinkles.

We’re no stranger to decadent ice creams. After all, the most expensive ice cream sundae in the world (served at New York’s Serendipity) is dripping with gold and costs almost $1,000.

But there’s actually an ice cream shop in Kanazawa, Japan, (known as the gold leaf capital of Japan) called Hakuichi that sells a soft serve ice cream cone covered from top to bottom in gold leaf, and it only costs 1,000 yen ($8 USD).

We’re guessing that the cheap price tag might have something to do with oversaturation, as Kanazawa’s shops sell pretty much anything and everything made or topped with the shiny paper-thin material, including gold leaf sake and plum wine with gold flecks in it.

The ultra-shiny soft serve cone — for those in the know — may look impressive and decadent, but the gold leaf doesn’t actually taste like much, according to tasters posting their thoughts to Twitter. It’s more of an aesthetic appeal. 

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