This town values keeping its citizens safe over freedom for its guests.

German Town Bans Refugees From Bars and Nightclubs

The town of Freiburg, Germany, has banned refugees from entering any bars or clubs, following a string of reported crimes

After reports of numerous violent and sexual criminal attacks, the town of Freiburg, Germany, has banned all refugees from its bars and nightclubs. According to The New Observer Online, the owners of nightlife spots in the town got together and agreed that, “we will no longer grant admittance to people who have only a temporary residence permit.”

Incidents at a nightclub known as The White Rabbit include pickpocketing, a knife attack, and numerous sexual attacks that have allegedly escalated in the months since Chancellor Angela Merkel announced Germany’s open-door policy to refugees during one of the largest migrant crises that Europe has seen in centuries.

Multiple city officials have protested the decision implemented by the owners of bars and nightclubs in the area, calling it an act of discrimination.

“A rule such as this is contrary to rules against discrimination,” Ulrich von Kirchbach, the city official in charge of social affairs was quoted as saying. “But of course we cannot allow lawlessness anywhere.”

The bar owners could very well be sued, and would have to prove in a courtroom setting that their policy did not intentionally discriminate against refugees. 

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