Fried Chicken Louis Vuitton Knockoff To Pay The Company $12,000

The owner of a South Korean fried chicken restaurant has to pay 14.5 million won ($12,750 USD) to Louis Vuitton for illegally using the brand's name.

The restaurant, 'Louis Vuitton Dak,' is a play on the designer name and the Korean word for whole chicken, tondak. The Korea Times also reports that the restaurant had a similar logo, which was printed on napkins and wrappers in the restaurant.

Louis Vuitton had the court ban the restaurant from using its brand name, as it "damaged the originality and value of the French brand." The court ruled in Louis Vuitton's favor, banning owner with the surname Kim from using the brand's name and logo. The court also added that Kim would pay 500,000 won (~$440 USD) for each day he did not comply.

Kim came up with a new name for the restaurant, 'chaLOUISVUI TONDAK,' and Louis Vuitton demanded 14.5 million won from Kim for breaking compliance for 29 days. The court once again ruled in the brand's favor, stating, "Although he changed the name with different spacing, the two names sound almost the same. So he violated the court order and should pay the money."

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