Is the fine wine made from sour grapes over at Les Ecuries de Richelieu?


This French Restaurant Banned Bankers, but Welcomes Dogs

Les Ecuries de Richelieu in France holds a grudge against the financial crowd: They aren’t allowed in unless they pay 70K Euros

At Les Ecuries de Richelieu, a small upscale eatery just outside of Paris, canines are more welcome than accountants. The owner of the French restaurant made his distaste for banks loud and clear when his requests for loans were repeatedly declined, and in response, he decided to ban all bankers.

Restaurant owner Alexandre Callet, 30, does not have some “Vive la Revolution” hatred for bankers: He simply is expressing anger for being rejected at least 20 times for a €70,000 ($78,000 USD) loan to open up a second restaurant. If any banker wants to eat at Les Ecuries de Richelieu, they’ll have to pay a hefty fine: “Dogs welcome, bankers banned (unless they pay an entry fee of €70,000)” a sign reads outside the restaurant.

“This is not just a kebab shop. My restaurant is in the Michelin guide and film stars come in here,” Callet told The Local, an English-language French news publication. “A lot of bankers who turned me down know me. They come in here.”

And he’s serious too:

“As soon as I see a banker that I recognize I won’t let them enter my restaurant.”

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Callet explains that he has never had financial problems or debt, so there is no reason for banks to continuously turn down his requests for loans. This small protest has definitely gotten attention in the media, so Callet is hopeful his fiscal luck will change soon.