This Fancy Restaurant Has A 'Push For Champagne' Button

Iggy Azalea may think she's "so fancy," but this restaurant has got her beat. The Russian-owned Bob Bob Ricard in London is so incredibly luxurious that it was compared to "dining inside a Fabergé egg" by one impressed food critic. But the real draw to this statement-making restaurant in the SoHo neighborhood of London is that each table is adorned with a "push for champagne button."

The suitably pink champagne button, as its name implies, calls the server over, and will stay lit until your bubbly hankering has been satisfied. The restaurant, as you may well imagine, costs a pretty penny, at around £150 ($225 USD) per person for a three course meal). But is it worth the trip? A critic at the Melting Butter says yes: "Bob Bob Ricard's luxe service, decadent décor, eccentric personality, and impressive food make it a seriously memorable choice."

Possibly even more impressive than the champagne button is Bob Bob's signature chocolate glory dessert: a decadent dessert enrobed inside a golden egg, which melts away after your server pours hot melted chocolate over the concoction. This calls for more champagne!