Exploring a Foreign City? Follow Anthony Bourdain’s Dos and Don’ts for New Culinary Adventures

Anthony Bourdain recently gave his tips for exploring international cities in an interview with Men’s Journal

Travel Channel c/o The Daily Meal

If anyone knows how to properly travel, it’s Anthony Bourdain.

Traveling to an international city (or multiple cities!) but have no idea where to start beyond the common tourist destinations? Consult the expert opinions, and by that, we mean Anthony Bourdain, of course.He travels to parts unknown, and knows that the places serving the best grub often take no reservations. Bourdain reveals some of his traveling secrets in a recent interview with Men’s Journal.

The first thing he does when in a new location — and many worldly chefs will agree — is stop by the city’s central market. Whether it’s a farmers market, hawker center, or open-air bazaar, “you see what's for sale, you see what's in season, you see the fundamental color palette of a cuisine. You really get a sense of what a culture loves most dear."

As for what not to do, Bourdain says he always skips out on the hotel buffet: It’s rarely hygienic or authentic. "Stay away from the hotel buffet. It's the food that has the most number of hands on it and the least amount of love given to it… the hotel buffet is ethically a crime. If you're eating spaghetti Bolognese in Chiang Mai, there's something wrong with you.”


Most of all, Bourdain suggests savoring the city first-hand, urging readers to quit taking so many pictures: It disturbs the authenticity of the environment.