Dunkin’ Donuts South Korea Debuts Pineapple-Shaped Doughnut

Also introduces lemon tart and peach tart doughnuts

Piña colada doughnut features coconut and pineapple dual filling.

Dunkin’ Donuts in South Korea has introduced three new, fruity doughnuts perfect for summertime. Perhaps most notable is a pineapple-shaped, piña colada-flavored doughnut that is filled with a coconut and pineapple dual filling. It is drizzled with icing and topped with powdered sugar.

The Lemon Tart and Peach Tart doughnuts resemble Danish pastries, with a dollop of filling at the center of each doughnut, FoodBeast reported, also noting that the doughnut looks “less like a pineapple… and more like an upside-down baby octopus.”

Also in South Korea, the company previously made reggae-themed doughnuts, including a Ya-man Reggae Donut complete with an afro and red, green, and yellow sprinkles. Krispy Kreme offered Rainbow Gloss Doughnuts that were almost too pretty to eat.


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