Domino’s Has Built a Futuristic Pizza Delivery Robot Car

Domino’s Australia just unveiled DRU: A robotic vehicle that eliminates the need for the pizza delivery guy

Don’t forget to tip your autonomous pizza delivery robot!

The future of pizza delivery is here: “Can I get extra pepperoni?” “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

Domino’s in Australia has created a pizza delivery robot vehicle that can autonomously bring pies right to your door. DRU (which stands for Domino’s Robotic Unit) looks like a cross between a Star Wars droid and a scooter, and can carry up to 10 pizzas. It also has sensory-based technology that can detect curbs and obstacles, and has separate temperature-controlled receptacles that keep beverages cold and pizzas hot, according to ARS Technica.

The charming DRU robot was developed by the Australian military contractor Marathon, and made his first-ever pizza delivery on March 8 to the residents of Queensland. DRU can carry out a delivery up to 12 miles away before needing a battery charge. Domino’s also said it’s working on security measures to make sure no pizza thieves steal food from DRU’s mechanical grasp without paying.


Does this mean that your pizza delivery guy will soon be out of a job? Unlikely. DRU will first be tested out in Australia and New Zealand, but it will be at least two years before delivery bots become a regular sight on the streets. It may take even longer for pizza bots to expand elsewhere internationally, but we already have pizza delivery drones.