Did You Know That Hello Kitty Has Her Own Organic Farm In Hong Kong?

Aside from the time Sanrio decided it was a good idea to announce that Hello Kitty is not a cat, which was believed by approximately zero percent of the world's population, the company has generally made excellent choices when it comes to the character development and modernization of its cash cat.

More recently, thanks to the folks at Modern Farmer, we learned that Hello Kitty has added "organic farmer" to her list of professions, and that doesn't just mean more outfits, accessories, and probably new stationary supplies you can buy.

There's actually a Hello Kitty Go Green Organic Farm in Hong Kong, which opened last July, and it is meant to be enjoyed by adults and children alike. As part of the Hello Kitty Little Farmer Program, kids learn important farming skills like how to plant and harvest crops, and even irrigate the land.

Adults are welcome to rent a portion of Hello Kitty's farm to plant their own crops, and they can take classes on farming as well.The farm also has adorable, live animals to hang out with like goats, a dog named Hippie, and a pig named McNugg.