Danish Politician Asks Citizens Not to Speak ‘Pizza-Danish’

Photo Modified: Flickr/jeffreyw/CC 2.0

Danish Politician Asks Citizens Not to Speak ‘Pizza-Danish’

Alex Ahrendtsen of the Danish People’s Party has called for citizens not to stray from ‘proper Danish’

Alex Ahrendtsen, a Danish politician, has reportedly asked citizens to refrain from speaking “pizza-Danish,” which he defines as the language spoken in pizzerias. 

Specifically, that means a mixture of Danish and languages spoken by immigrants to Denmark, such as might be heard among the diverse staff and customers in a pizza shop.

“It’s pizza-Danish,” Ahrendtsen told DR, Denmark’s national broadcasting corporation. “It’s simply because they don’t know how to speak proper Danish. The Language Board should of course document that this is the way a certain part of Denmark speaks — but it’s poor Danish.”

Ahrendtsen, who belongs to the nationally conservative Danish People’s Party, said that the national language board should be encouraged to be “a little more normative” and more carefully police the “evolution” of the Danish language, according to The Local.

“The language keeps evolving as it always has, but when the evolution is going in the wrong direction, we must counter-act it,” he told Berlingske, a national paper. “It is a shame that the Danish language is in a state of decline when we can do something about it.”

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