Chinese Officials Arrest 110 People Suspected Of Selling Pork From Diseased Pigs

At least 110 people have been arrested in China in connection with the sale of meat from pigs that died from disease, reports The Guardian. More than 1.10 tons (approximately 2,200 pounds) of contaminated meat have also been confiscated.

Since at least 2008, a network of people had been buying diseased pigs from livestock farms for low prices and then selling the meat to markets in 11 Chinese provinces, according to China's Ministry of Public Security. Supervisors were then bribed to obtain certificates of passed inspection.

Thus far, 75 people of have been prosecuted, including several food safety inspectors who were found to have been collaborating with the network.

Earlier this month, Chinese police also arrested several people in connection with a breastfeeding prostitution ring, in which women were found to have been offering to breastfeed clients for money, often at the expense of their underfed newborn babies.

According to The Guardian, China's top food watchdog admitted last week that the country's food and drug safety record was "grim," and pledged a more disciplined response in the future.