China To Get Its Own Michelin Guide

Michelin is publishing a Shanghai guide in the second half of this year, marking the first Chinese guide and the 28th edition of the international Michelin guides. The Shanghai guide joins new Singapore and Seoul editions, which will also be published by the end of this year, reports the South China Morning Post.

Bruno de Feraudy, president of Michelin China, says, "We are eager to see the Michelin guide bringing Chinese consumers more exciting and joyful experiences when they travel. The arrival of the Michelin guide is also good news for Shanghai since it will help promote the local economy and tourism."

Michael Ellis, international director of the Michelin guides, believes that the guide will highlight both the culinary history and ever-evolving dining scene in Shanghai. "The richness and quality of Shanghai's culinary scene completely won us over. The city is an economic and cultural crossroads, and its gastronomy is the result of a strong culinary heritage which makes the dining scene very exciting."

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