Check Out These Genius Sushi Luggage Covers

It’s life-sized conveyor belt sushi at the airport!
Conveyor Belt Sushi on Wheels

These covers make your luggage look like sushi on a conveyor belt.

Conveyor belt sushi is a fun way to dine, but this Japanese company took it to a whole new level by creating sushi suitcase covers, according to RocketNews24. Now, when suitcases with these covers appear on the baggage carousel, you’ll feel like you’re at a giant conveyer belt sushi place!

Parco is the Japanese company behind these cute covers. Last year, they released a set of maguro (tuna), salmon, ebi (shrimp), and tamago (egg) covers. Now, they’ve added tako (octopus), ikura (salmon roe), and saba (mackerel) versions. 

The covers are available at Parco stores in Japan for 3,024 yen (roughly $24). They come in one size and are made of polyester. Personally, I wouldn’t even mind paying the extra check-in luggage fee just to see it go on the baggage carousel — and plus, I’d know my suitcase would be protected.

Check out this video of these sushi covers in action and be amazed!

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