Burger King May Be Releasing a Perfume in Japan

The Burger King Flame-Grilled perfume is only being released in Japan on April 1, so brace yourselves: this could be a prank

Have it your way… smell it your way?

Have you ever bit into a Whopper and thought to yourself, “Wow, I wish I could smell as delicious as this burger beast”? No? Well, even if the thought of a Whopper perfume never crossed your mind, it might soon be a reality.  Burger King Japan is supposedly releasing a perfume called Flame-Grilled that will only be available in Japan, according to Kotaku. However, Burger King Japan’s website does say that the perfume will be released on April 1 — April Fool’s Day — so your flame-grilled fantasies might go unfulfilled.

The fragrance will be limited to one per customer and will be available in stores for one day only. Each purchase comes with a Whopper and costs 5,000 yen — roughly $4 USD.


Burger King, according to Kotaku, has also officially registered April 1 as National Whopper Day in Japan, which would make sense for the upcoming olfactory promotion. But, if you think about it, whopper is just another word for lie. Could this all be just an elaborate two-weeks-early April Fool’s prank? We’ll have to wait for April 1 to find out.