Burger King in Bolivia Sees Sales Boost After Pope Francis’ Prayer Visit

Pope Francis stopped at a Burger King to change and pray before Mass, putting the fast food restaurant in the spotlight

The manager at the Burger King in question has since said that it has been ‘blessed’ by the pope’s visit.

The pope is known for his down-to-earth food tastes (after all, he did lament that one of the few things he misses about his life pre-papacy is eating a pizza in peace), but he surprised the Bolivian populace last week by paying a visit to a local Burger King.Although Pope Francis allegedly did not eat anything at the home of the Whopper, he did use the space to pray and change before a public outdoor mass, according to ABC News. The pope was in Bolivia — South America’s poorest country — to preach social justice.

Since the pontiff’s visit, which was planned three days in advance and shut down the fast food restaurant entirely, the Burger King has seen an uptick in sales, which manager Christian Vaca has called a “blessing.” Burger King later posted on Facebook, "Welcome Pope Francis, thank you for choosing the restaurant BK El Cristo as your sacristy. Burger King Bolivia receives you with open arms.”


By the afternoon, the Burger King had re-opened, but customers could still get a glimpse of the altar and papal throne inside.