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Burger King Australia Uses Holographic French Fries Packaging to Scare Away Seagulls

Clever marketing or ingenious idea? You decide

Hungry Jack’s, Australia’s Burger King franchise, has come out with limited-edition packaging for its fries, but it isn’t just for looks.

The holographic paper creates a glittering surface that reflects light, which apparently confuses and wards off hungry sea gulls, Brand Eating reported, noting that using reflective material is a National Geographic-recommended way to get rid of sea gulls.

The fries containers have been dubbed by the company: “The Pack That Scares Gulls.”

A commercial advertising the packaging shows seagulls flocking toward the regular box and avoiding the holographic one.

Australian customers don’t seem to be so convinced, though. The commercial, which has been uploaded to YouTube, has more dislikes than likes. One user pointed out that it’s winter in Australia, and many complained about the poor quality of Hungry Jack’s new French fries.

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