A Bar In Japan Is Giving Women Drink Discounts Based On The Height Of Their Heels

Ladies' night discounts aren't out of the ordinary, but one bar in Japan is taking the special to the next level by offering women discounts on drinks based on the height of their heels.

My Place Cafe & Bar, located inside of the Hilton Osaka, is launching the High Heels Ladies' Night Discount on June 15, which will offer specials on food and drinks in an effort to become a "stylish, sophisticated establishment" at a time when more women are trading in high heels for flats, RocketNews24 reported.

According to the press release, patrons can get as much as 40 percent off food and drink orders if they wear heels that are approximately six inches tall. The lowest acceptable high heels, around two inches tall, will earn the women who wear them a modest 10 percent discount.

My Place isn't the first bar or restaurant to offer odd discounts — a restaurant in Italy is giving discounts for well-behaved children.