Bacon and Boggarts: Now Harry Potter Fans Can Eat Breakfast Inside the Real Great Hall

Lucky Harry Potter fans will now be able to eat a magically themed breakfast inside the original Warner Bros. Great Hall set

“It’s the breakfast of Triwizard champions!”

Eating breakfast inside the original Great Hall movie set from the Harry Potter movies? Wait just a minute, London, owl be right over. Warner Brothers has officially announced that they’ll be opening up the Great Hall set in London to all Muggles for breakfast, no acceptance letter needed. Sadly, the breakfast will be available for only two days.

Here’s the description from the announcement, which sounds as tantalizing as treacle tarts and butterbeer:

"Harry Potter fans of all ages are invited to watch dawn break over the Hogwarts castle model while enjoying an exclusive breakfast reception.

"After breakfast, you will be given early access to the Studio Tour where the Great Hall will be specially dressed for breakfast as it was in the magical film series right down to the boxes of Pixie Puffs and Cheeri Owls on the trestle tables. Staff members dressed in full Hogwarts' uniforms will join you in the Great Hall for a complimentary souvenir photograph at the breakfast table."

But breakfast amongst the magical folk will cost you a pretty Galleon: approximately $123 USD for a ticket to the breakfast event on August 21 or 28.


We’re fully expecting Cauldron pancakes and maybe even Firewhisky mimosas.